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Turbine converts the potential of your content into powerful trainings & skills development

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Measurably upskill workforces & close skills gaps

Workforce Development

Workforce Development & Bootcamps

Scale up trainings and skills development.

Corporate Process

Employee-driven Learning & Knowledge Capture

Enable employees to gain the skills in-house. Capture internal workflows and process IP, and distribute in a course format.

Boot Camps

New Hire Onboarding & Compliance

Affirm employees have read and understand workplace rules, policies and expected behaviors in a training format.

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Our pricing model meets our customer's use case.

Enterprise customers seeking to develop their workforce will pay per user fee per month.

Customers that provide B2C courses for professional certificates will pay a monthly fee plus a one-time fee per user per course.

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Standards & Compliance

We support and continually seek compliance with all relevant U.S. laws and industry standards and guidelines (and international standards when reasonably possible.) We are mindful of the great responsibility that educational institutions and educational services providers have for privacy and security - and the trust that their customers have given to them. We promise to hold ourselves and turbineLMS to a high standard.

~ Josh & Alan, co-founders

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998
Student Privacy Pledge introduced by the Future of Privacy Forum
ISO/IEC 27018:2014
Data standards
SCORM Compliant
The Software & Information Industry Association
Standards & guidelines
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
PCI Compliance & ongoing validation: PCI DSS, GDPR, PSD2, CSA

Industry Contributions

TurbineLMS is built on a foundation of service and knowledge sharing with clear intent to contribute to industry and the public good.

Josh Studl & Alan Mabry

Our Story

We started Upstream in 2018 to provide evening coding classes in Pittsburgh.

We recognized quickly we would need a powerful browser-based platform to deliver our awesome coding curriculum anywhere and grow the business. So we built turbineLMS, which continues to power Upstream Coding today. Turbine's real power is as training platform that demands rigor, measurement and reporting.

We've refined the feature set to best meet needs of these niches: employee skills development and certificate programs, bootcamps & class-like workshops, licensing or compliance trainings and "train the trainers" programs.

We've built turbine over several years, and it is not a rushed product of the pandemic.

turbineLMS will meet your organization's goals, and more.

~Josh & Alan, co-founders


For Serious Upskilling Only. Seriously.

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