Features that Power


Class Dashboard

Instructors use the Class Dashboard to provide all necessary information about the class to students.

Class Dashboard

Instructor Tools

Instructors record attendance via the Attendance Module which can be integrated into a traditional grading system, bonus points or loyalty program.

The Lesson Plan feature is visible only to instructors and displays teaching scripts, talking points, important takeaways, etc. Lesson Plan preserves a knowledge-base to support substitutes and to scale up instruction.

The Go Live feature simplifies sharing of urls to video platforms like Zoom Meeting, Skype & Google Meet.

Locked Content

Control Flow

turbineLMS inherently protects the rigor of the content and instruction, and our customer's brand integrity. Subsequent content (i.e., chapters, sections) is locked until a Challenge is submitted and approved by an Instructor. This locking mechanism ensures that users/students cannot effortlessly coast to the end and claim credit or certification. A cobbled combination of video meeting platforms, presentation decks and online videos are incapable of such flow control and rigor.

Inline Editing

Permissioned Instructors can in real-time edit, add and re-order course material, Lesson Plans, Challenges and more. Admins can set permissions and queue Instructor-made modifications for approval. Edit by toggling between WYSIWYG, Markdown or HTML markup.

CMS Editing

Challenge Engine

The Challenge Engine enables deeper measurements than quizzes and requires instructor review and approval to unlock subsequent materials. It is fully-customizable to meet your organization's grading metrics, measure learning effectiveness and set pace.


Quiz Engine

Optimize the Quiz Engine to insert multiple-choice questions or end lessons with quizzes. Each question can be weighted and quizzes are scored immediately upon submission.

quiz engine

Course CEU Settings

Easily set up how CEUs are earned for each course, self-proctor/check-in intervals and monitor CEU accrual progress.

CEU Settings

Let Users Generate CEU Statements

Users can generate and print their certificate of completion when issued, or a CEU statement at any time. Users and admins both welcome this time-saving feature.

Cohorts & Timestamped Check-ins

Users can be trained in cohorts for a small class experience, and providing scalability and flexibility as to how trainings are administered and reported.

Rewards Engine

Questions, Quizzes, Attendance can be assigned a weighted points value for a customizable rewards, credit or badge program. The Rewards Engine drives engagement and offers the opportunity to integrate existing marketing and affiliate programs, credit-based discounts and sales. Be creative!