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Whether you're investing in employees to acquire skills or providing professional development courses to paying customers

You're growing a Community of Upskilling

Are Your Users
Employees or Customers?

Enterprise is for upskilling

Enterprise powers skills development and trainings for employees.

Close Skills Gaps Reporting Skilled Workforce

  • Custom Upskill Modules
  • Unlimited Upskill Modules
  • Reporting on Team- and Employee-level
  • Algorithmic Employees Performance Metrics
  • Identify High Performer Employees
  • Hosted LMS
  • White label
$10 per employee

Community is for upskilling

Community handles the most time-consuming tasks of running a skills development or certification program.

Save Time Scale Customers Grow Community

  • 7 Free Enrollments

    Start an Upskilling Community for free with no credit card needed.

  • Attendance Tracking
  • Timestamped Check-ins
  • Hosted Class Dashboard
  • Online Meeting Link Management
  • Optional Billing Integration (with our Stripe integration)
  • Pre-billing Enrollment Queue (take payment but queue up customers before you pay us for enrollments; issue refunds if you don't run the class.)
  • Export users inactive for 180 days (CSV) or archive for $0.25/month.
$10 per enrollment
In-Platform Upgrades:
Upgrade to Turbo

Turbo premium features include monetization & membership tools and automations to boost your revenues.

  • CEU credit tracking
  • Statement of CEU and certificate generation
  • Offer membership and monthly subscription billing (via our custom Stripe integration)
  • Better customer capture and conversion
  • Re-marketing & enhanced monetization
  • Entirely hosted web infrastructure (white label, marketing landing page, enterprise LMS, offer memberships, payments direct deposit to your bank)
  • Course monetization via syndication on our Upskill Network

Use our hosted payments integration

3.3% of each transaction + Stripe fees
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